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Episode 5 - Behind the Door

In Episode 5, Meghan and Genet find out more, perhaps, than they would have expected...


Episode 4 - Disruptive Influence

Meet Genet, Meghan's best friend and partner-in-crime, from Episode 4


Episode 3 - Getting Lost

Episode 3 features the introduction of Mr. Daniel "Dead Man" Walker, the administrator everyone loves to hate.


Episode 2 - Calling

The second episode also begins the strip's first story arc, "Calling."


Episode 1 - Is That a Guitar?

For those who have yet to see it, here's the first installment.


Annnnnnd We're LIVE!!!

And the Arpeggio-Comic LJ community goes live at last.

We'll be posting updates, hosting conversations, linking new episodes, and other stuff here.

Drop on by, enjoy, and please spread the word about everyone's favorite comic strip urban bard. 


- Satyr